Past Young Writers Camp: “Write Here! Write Now!”

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Summer 2011 brought together a great group of young writers. Are you ready to write?  If you’re in high school and you love to write, our young writers camp is opportunity you’ve been looking for!

Write Here! Write Now!
A Young Writers Camp

June 22 – July 1, 2011
8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Cost: $200

Writers joined Ms. Ali Datz and Ms. Melissa Denton on the campus of ECU for 8 days of exciting activities that awakened the creative writers within.

Are you a budding poet? Do you have a great story in your head that you’ve been dying to get on paper? Looking for a chance to write that cool screenplay you’ve been talking to friends about?

If so, our young writers camp is your chance to meet other young authors, work on your pieces, and grow as a writer.

And listen to some of the things that the Young Writers Camp from 2010 had to say:

“I guess you could say it made writing into something addicting, like you couldn’t stop if you tried.”



“It is NOT a classroom environment. You have the freedom to wander around and say what you want and just be who you are. It’s amazing.”


“You really learn to get over your fear of writing and it’s so cool to hear everybody’s writing because you can see that everybody writes in his or her own unique way.”


“You need to have fun writing, because if you don’t, your reader won’t have much fun reading.”



“Your going to love love love writing camp because its not like sitting in a class room writing all day it’s more like hanging out with your friends.”


“My favorite part about writing in a group setting like this one is that everyone can use the same words, but it’s how each person strings them together that make it interesting.”


“Remember that this place is a place where creativity is a totally awesome thing. Remember to explore and have fun.”



“Captivity isn’t good for creativity. Sometimes you need to think of something completely different to discover what it is you’re looking for.”



“Have fun, don’t have food fights (thought at times it may be tempting) keep an open mind…and well…don’t hold back.”


For more information, contact the Young Writers Camp: ywc [at] trwp [dot] org.

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