Youth & Community Outreach

The Tar River Writing Project and its teachers are ultimately happiest when they are actively engaged with young people and the broader communities of Eastern North Carolina. Beyond writing state and national grants to provide high-quality professional develop to area teachers, schools, and districts, the TRWP continually seeks opportunities to engage with young people and with local literacy campaigns.

Each summer, TRWP teachers conduct summer writing camps for young authors.  At these camps, which usually run 8 – 10 days, young writers can come together to meet other kids their age who also like to write.  Whether they’re working on stories or poems, novels or plays, these young authors know they’ll find a listening ear and helpful advice from TRWP-trained writing teachers.  These camps provide a rich space for the types of creative writing that are hard to fit into the test-centered curricula of schools. For more information on these camps, click here.